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Local Meetings Status and Access During COVID-19

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Due to Coronavirus, meeting status may be In-Person, Remote or Suspended. Refer to table below for up-to-date status and remote access details.

Please inform us of any changes from your normal meeting information.  Contact the Service Center at 414-257-2415 and/or email Meeting status and access information will be posted here.

For assistance for audio or video meetings, refer to the following links:

Meeting Status During COVID

    In-Person meeting details can be obtained by selecting Find a Meeting
    Zoom meetings can be joined by phone only, if needed. Phone #: 312-626-6799
    Please report any meeting data that appears incorrect to Service Center

Day and TimeMeeting NameUsual LocationRemote Meeting InstructionsStatus
Sunday 9:30amSunday Morning SunlightWaukesha Memorial Hospital, WaukeshaJoin by Zoom: 788218074
Meeting ID: 788 218 074
Passcode: 948125
Sunday 10am Sunday Morning AFG Good Shepherd Church, Menomonee FallsMeeting in person.
Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details
Sunday 11amSunday Morning AlateenPass It On Club, MilwaukeeContact Sharon at 414-331-0756 for remote meeting instructions.Remote
Sunday 11amSunday Morning Pass It OnPass It On Club, MilwaukeeJoin by Zoom: 82772817681
Meeting ID: 827 7281 7681
Passcode: 675144
Sunday 4:30pmDidn't Cause It AFGZion Benton Alano Club, Winthrop Harbor, ILJoin by Zoom: 2188148752Z
Meeting ID: 218 814 8752
Passcode: 499908
Sunday 5pmBeacon of HopeAlano Club, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 146297420
Meeting ID: 146 297 420
Passcode: 636516
Sunday 5:30pmLiving in the SolutionAurora Psychiatric Hospital Lighthouse: Join by Zoom: 389530288
Meeting ID: 389 530 288
Passcode: solution20
Sunday 6pmGroup 94-1/2Cathedral Church of All Saints, MilwaukeeJoin by Google HangoutsRemote
Sunday 6pm
Pewaukee BeginnersGalilee Lutheran Church, Pewaukee SuspendedSuspended
Sunday 6:30pmSunday Night SurrenderSt. John's Lutheran Church, BrookfieldJoin by Zoom: 531517147
Meeting ID: 531 517 147
Passcode: 000988
Sunday 7pmPewaukee SerenityGalilee Lutheran Church, PewaukeeJoin by Zoom: 3466287516
Meeting ID: 346 628 7516#
Passcode: 020406#
Sunday 7pmCourage to be Me - AlateenGalilee Lutheran Church, PewaukeeSuspendedSuspended
Sunday 7pm Hales Corners Hope AFGEmanuel Church, Hales CornersTeleconference
Phone: 1-978-990-5000
Access Code 425625
Sunday 7:30pmSurvivor Sunday NightMt. Olive Church
Join by Zoom: 436766968
Meeting ID: 673 421 1643 
Passcode: 216443
Monday 1pmNew Attitude Monday AFGAscension Lutheran Church, WaukeshaSuspendedSuspended
Monday 5:30pmPathways To Recovery ACOAFirst Presbyterian Church, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 204288873
Meeting ID: 204 288 873
Passcode: 240834
Monday 6pmRacine 12 & 12 AFGAlano Club, RacineJoin by Zoom: 394341866
Phone # 312-626-6799
ID: 394 341 866
Monday 6:30pmEastside Monday NightNorth Shore Presbyterian Church, ShorewoodJoin by Zoom: 82163750224
Meeting ID: 821 6375 0224
Passcode: 193800
Monday 6:30pmCourage to Change AFGSt. John Vianney Church, BrookfieldJoin by Zoom: 2673647712
Meeting ID: 267 364 7712
Passcode: 285481
Monday 6:30pmLet Go and Let God AFGChrist the King Lutheran Church, DelafieldJoin by Zoom: 639775532
Meeting ID: 639 77 5532
Password: monday
Monday 6:30pmMonday Night Comfort GroupSt. John's Lutheran Church, Brookfield Join by Zoom: 473136637
Meeting ID: 473 136 637
Passcode: 839708
Monday 6:30pmSlinger Monday Night StepsSt. Luke Lutheran Church, West BendSuspendedSuspended
Monday 7pmMonday Night How it Works AFGWaukesha State Bank, MuskegoSuspendedSuspended
Monday 7pmFirst Things FirstFirst Congregational Church, WauwatosaMeeting in person with social distancing.
Phone #: 978-990-5000
Access code: 688090#
In-Person or Teleconference
Monday 7pmBeginner MeetingAl-Anon
Service Center Rm 2143, West Allis
Join by Zoom: 3466287516
Meeting ID: 3466287516
Passcode: 020406

Refer to
Find a Meeting for updated details. Note: Meeting time has changed to 7pm (previously 7:30 pm).
Monday 7:30pmSlinger Monday NightSt. Luke Lutheran Church, SlingerIn person begins at 7:30pm; Zoom meeting begins at 7:30pmIn-Person and Remote
Monday 8pmFox Point Monday NiteNorth Shore Congregational Church,
Fox Point
Join by Zoom: 267444121
Meeting ID: 267 444 121
Passcode: 330752
Tuesday 8:30amNorthside AFGUnitarian Church North, Mequonjoin by Zoom: 886685437
Meeting ID: 886 68 5437
Passcode: 016924
Tuesday 9amTuesday A.M.Lake Area Club, OconomowocJoin by Zoom: 924685140
Meeting ID: 924685140
Passcode: 53066
Tuesday 1pmSharing Adult Children of Alcoholics AFGNew Day Club, MequonJoin by Zoom: 81227184813
Meeting ID: 812 2718 4813
Tuesday 6pmJust For Today - KenoshaAlano Club, Kenosha
Meeting ID: 605 871 141
Passcode: 636516
Tuesday 6:30pmLetting Go AFGNativity of the Lord Parish
3658 E Plankinton Ave (2nd floor), Cudahy
Large room with social distancing - masks required.In-Person
Tuesday 6:30pmFranklin Serenity AFGFaith Presbyterian Church

Join by Zoom: 2627857770

Meeting ID: 262 785 7770
Passcode: 286695
Tuesday 7pmBeaver Dam Tuesday NightC.A.R.E. for Dodge County, Beaver DamIn-PersonIn-Person
Tuesday 7pmHales Corners AFGHales Corners Lutheran ChurchSuspendedSuspended
Tuesday 7pmOne Day at a TimeRoger's Memorial Hospital, OconomowocMeeting in person.
Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details Note: New location and COVID restrictions.
Tuesday 7pmSerenity NowSt. James Episcopal Church, West BendSuspendedSuspended
Tuesday 7:30pmRenewalAurora Psychiatric Hospital Lighthouse Bldg., WauwatosaNow meeting in-person. Or Join by Zoom:
Meeting ID: 838 7871 1037
Passcode: 6tFx9S
In-Person and Remote
Tuesday 8pm???KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 347023290
Meeting ID: 347 023 290
Passcode: 636516
Tuesday 8pmJust For Today WaukeshaSt. Matthias Church
111 E. Main St.
Waukesha, WI 53186
Meeting in person. Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details. The church requires masks to be worn and social distancing.In-Person
Wednesday 1pmChanged AttitudesUnity Club, West BendSuspendedSuspended
Wednesday 5pmWednesday AcceptanceTrinity Methodist Church, Beaver DamZoom onlyRemote
Wednesday 6pmListen and LearnAlano Club, RacineJoin by Zoom: 981249899
Meeting ID: 981 249 899
Wednesday 6:30pmLomira Wednesday NightTrinity Church, LomiraIn person and Zoom. The in person is meeting at a private home, not the church.In-Person and Remote
Wednesday 7pmProgress Not PerfectionSouthport Lighthouse Recovery Center, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 225936577
Meeting ID: 225 936 577
Passcode: 636516
Wednesday 7pmListen and Learn AlateenSt. Matthias Church, WaukeshaSuspendedSuspended
Wednesday 7pmPathway to SerenityUnited Methodist Church Annex, Whitefish BayJoin by Zoom: 342266889
Meeting ID: 342 266 889
Passcode: 736940
Wednesday 7pmTwelve and TwelveSt. Matthias Church, WaukeshaJoin by Zoom: 342093063
Meeting ID: 342093063
Passcode: serenity20
Wednesday 7pmGinne’s Just For TodayChrist United Methodist Church, 5200 S. 48th St., GreenfieldWe will no longer be meeting at Emanuel United Church of Christ parking lot. Masks are required inside of Christ United Methodist Church.
Wednesday 7pmSpiritual AwakeningsPass It On Club, MilwaukeeSuspendedSuspended
Thursday 9amThursday Morning How AFG WorksNorth Shore Presbyterian Church, ShorewoodZoom Meeting ID: 450 092 328
Password: 618951
We are currently reading "...In All Our Affairs"
Thursday 9amThursday AM EnlightenmentAlano Club, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 723870982
Meeting ID: 723 870 982
Passcode: 636516
Thursday 9:30amOpen Our HeartsJerusalem Presbyterian Church, WalesJoin by Zoom: 91689738510
Meeting ID: 916 8973 8510
Passcode: 510820
Will meet on Thanksgiving
Thursday 1pmThursday Afternoon Discussion GroupGloria Dei Lutheran Church, Menomonee FallsMeeting in person.
Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details
We will meet on Wednesday, November 25 at 1pm instead of Thanksgiving day.
Thursday 6pmThursday Night Step StudyPass It On Club, MilwaukeeJoin by Zoom: 2089530649
Meeting ID: 208 953 0649
Passcode: 907901
Thursday 6:30pmTwelve SteppersSt. John Lutheran Church, BrookfieldJoin by Zoom: 3466287516
Meeting ID: 346 628 7516
Password: 020406
Will meet on Thanksgiving
Thursday 6:30pm Hope For Today - KenoshaSt. John's Lutheran Church, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 295563876
Meeting ID: 295 563 876
Passcode: 636516
Thursday 7pmFriends of LoisMartin Luther Church, WauwatosaJoin by Zoom: 88361309382
Meeting ID: 883 6130 9382
Passcode: 6kWiBx
Will meet on Thanksgiving
Thursday 7pmHartford Thursday NightSt. Aidens Episcopal Church, HartfordZoom onlyRemote
Will meet on Thanksgiving
Thursday 7pmHartland How it WorksChurch of Resurrection, HartlandJoin by Zoom: 87834112507
Meeting ID: 878 3411 2507
Passcode: Hope
Thursday 8pmThursday 8pm Grove AFGGrove Club, RacineJoin by Zoom: 854628396
Meeting ID: 854 628 396
Friday 12pmBack to BasicsCalvary Lutheran Church, BrookfieldJoin by Zoom: 85929201612
Meeting ID: 859 2920 1612
Passcode: 577374
Meeting in person.
Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details
In-Person and Remote
Friday 7pmLet It Begin With Me - KenoshaAlano Club, KenoshaJoin by Zoom: 286938617
Meeting ID: 286 938 617
Passcode: 636516
Friday 7pmRecovery FirstImmanuel United Church of Christ, West BendIn Person and ZoomIn-Person and Remote
Friday 7:30pmFriday Night FriendshipGood Shepherd Church, Menomonee FallsMeeting in person.
Refer to Find a Meeting for updated details
Friday 8pmFriday Night No SaintsAll Saints Lutheran Church, Oak CreekSuspendedSuspended
Saturday 8:30amHope for SaturdayAurora Psychiatric Hospital Lighthouse Bldg., WauwatosaJoin by Zoom: 371510460
Meeting ID: 371 510 460
Passcode: 526462
Saturday 9amLet It Begin With MeUnity Club, West BendZoom onlyRemote
Saturday 9:30amKey to SerenityLake Park Lutheran ChurchJoin by Zoom: 89905247086
Meeting ID: 899 0524 7086
Passcode: 295838
Saturday 10:30amSaturday Morning SunshinePass It On Club, MilwaukeeJoin by Zoom: 2089530649
Meeting ID: 208 953 0649
Passcode: 907901
Saturday 12:30pmSaturday Serenity AFGKenosha Alano ClubJoin by Zoom: 436766968
Meeting ID: 436 766 968
Passcode: 636516