Alateen is a fellowship of young Al-Anon members..

usually teenagers, whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking.

Many Alateen groups meet at the same time and location as an Al-Anon group. Alateen meetings are open only to teenagers. Alateen is not a program for young people seeking sobriety.


Every Alateen group needs an active, adult member of Al-Anon to serve as a sponsor. The sponsor is an active part of the group, guiding and sharing knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Traditions. Members of Alateen can also choose to have a personal sponsor, who can be another member of Alateen or Al-Anon.

Young people come together to… 

  • share experience, strength and hope.
  • discuss their difficulties.
  • learn effective ways to cope with their problems.
  • encourage one another
  • help each other understand the principles of the Al-Anon program.

Where Alateens Meet

Alateen members meet in church halls, school rooms or other suitable places (many times in the same building as an Al-Anon group but in a separate room).

To find an Alateen meeting near you, visit the Alateen Meeting Finder

Additional information about Alateen is available here