Zoom How To

Zoom Meeting – How To

If you are using a computer or cell phone, you can join Zoom using the link provided. It may ask you to download the Zoom client app, which is required.

If you are using the phone instead of the Zoom application, dial the Phone # provided. Enter the Meeting ID followed by # key, when prompted. Enter the password when prompted, if required.

Please join 5-10 minutes early, so that you can announce yourself and avoid interruptions at the start of the meeting.

You can choose to share your video camera or not. Note, all can see everything you are doing. Seeing the smiling faces of Al-Anon can be very comforting. Your computer has a microphone so when enabled, we will hear everything you say. You may stop your video and/or mute your microphone at any time. The buttons to do so are on the screen.