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Al-Anon Family Groups of Southeastern Wisconsin Service Board


If you are interested in this position, please complete a Service Board resume form and submit it to the Al-Anon Service Center office.



  • Sets the agendas for and presides over Service Board and Intergroup meetings.
  • Appoints from among the elected Service Board Members its individual Coordinators, Liaisons, and Chairpersons for each Standing Committee to serve for the ensuing year.
  • Acts, by virtue of his or her office, as a member of the Standing Committees and forms Special Comittees as he or she and the Service Board deem necessary for the welfare and operation of the groups.
  • Responsible for the administration of the Service Board and for maintaining contact with the committees and the Intergroup in general.
  • Ensures that the Official By-Laws are reviewed with the Service Board each year.
  • Along with the Treasurer and Office Manager, maintains check-signing authority and, as needed, may appoint up to two other Service Board members to share in check-signing duties.
  • Reviews all expenditures monthly to verify their propriety and authorization.

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Assistant Chairperson

  • Officiates at Service Board and Intergroup meetings in the absence of the Intergroup Chairperson and assists the Chairperson and Service Board whenever appropriate.
  • If necessary, serves the unexpired term of the Intergroup Chairperson.
  • Acts as liaison between the Service Center's salaried employee(s) and the Service Board, and between the salaried employee(s) and the Intergroup. Part of this responsibility includes preparing and conducting an annual employee performance review and recommending salary increases.

This position is currently open.

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AA Liaison

  • Represents Al-Anon at the monthly AA Secretary meetings held at the AA Central Office and carries information in order to maintain any needed communication between the AA Central Office/AA groups and the Al-Anon Service Board, Intergroup, and members.
  • Responsible for distributing flyers for Al-Anon events (with AA participation), if flyers are made available, at the AA monthly Secretary meetings and drafting a list of upcoming open Al-Anon and AA events from information gathered at the AA Secretary meetings. This list should be drafted and distributed via e-mail to the Service Board, ISRs and other members with hard copies available at all Intergroup and Service Board meetings.
  • Keeps a calendar of all major events (both Al-Anon and AA) to use in planning for Al-Anon fundraisers or other major Al-Anon events.

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Alateen Coordinator

  • Works with the Alateen Liaison and Alateen sponsors to plan local Alateen activities, to encourage Alateen participation at conferences, workshops and fundraisers, and to promote new group and sponsorship development.
  • Oversees the training of Alateen sponsors.
  • Coordinates Intergroup Alateen conferences, workshops and fundraising activities.
  • Responsible for the collection, safe-keeping, and disbursement of Intergroup Alateen funds.
  • Responsible for keeping records of all receipts and expenditures.
  • Attends Area assemblies and the Midlake Alateen Conference.
  • Acts as Liaison between local Alateen groups and between those groups and the Intergroup and Service Board.
  • The Alateen Coordinator's expenses to Area and Midlake Assemblies are paid for by the Intergroup.

This position is currently open.

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Alateen Liaison

  • Carries information between local Alateen groups and the Service Board and Intergroup.
  • Represents local Alateens at Area Assemblies and the Midlake Alateen Conference, connecting with the Area Alateen Coordinator.
  • Assists the Service Board Alateen Coordinator, encouraging Alateen participation at conferences, workshops and fundraisers, planning local Alateen activities, and encouraging new groups and sponsorship development.
  • The Alateen Liaison's expenses to Area and Midlake Assemblies are paid for by the Intergroup.

This position is currently open.

E-mail the Alateen Liaison

Area Liaison

  • Is the information conduit between Area 61 and our Service Board and Intergroup.
  • Represents the Intergroup at the two Area Assemblies (in May and September) and two Area World Service Committee Meetings (in March and August) and reports on Intergroup activities there.
  • Reports information acquired at those Area level meetings back to the Service Board and Intergroup.
  • Is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee and represents Intergroup interests at the Area level.
  • Responsible for obtaining an alternate from a list of current or past Service Board members or former District Representatives if she or he is unable to attend the Assembly or an AWSC meeting.
  • The Area Liaison's expenses are generally paid by the Intergroup.

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Institutions Chairperson

  • Helps set up Al-Anon or Alateen meetings in hospitals, prisons, treatment centers, and other institutions.
  • Provides speakers and/or literature to institutions that request information about our program.
  • Helps interested Al-Anon members get whatever clearance a particular prison may require, in order to facilitate Al-Anon work specifically in prisons.
  • Checks with the Area Institutions Coordinator to keep informed and updated on Al-Anon Institutions work elsewhere.

This position is currently open.

E-mail the Institutions Chairperson

Literature Chairperson

  • Disseminates information about Al-Anon literature (CAL) throughout the Intergroup and encourages members to take advantage of it.
  • Updates the Intergroup as to what new books, pamphlets, PI pieces, etc., are currently available and what projects are in the works for publication in the future.
  • Responsible for manning a literature booth at fundraisers for AFG of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc. and may choose to assist in the selection of literature for conferences, workshops, and other Al-Anon events according to current literature policies as set forth in the Office Manual.
  • Makes some literature available at Intergroup meetings.
  • Enlists the cooperation of the PI and Institutions Chairpersons and the Area Liaison in the promotion of our Al-Anon Service Center as an LDC (Literature Distribution Center).

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Public Information Chairperson

  • Responsible for carrying the message of Al-Anon to the general public.
  • Helps to provide speakers and/or literature to schools, churches, and other organizations within the community that request information about our program.
  • May also coordinate Al-Anon participation in community workshops, fairs, and conferences, and may try to utilize local radio, television, and print media as a means for carrying Al-Anon public service announcements.
  • Checks with the Area PI Coordinator to keep informed and updated on new and ongoing PI projects and activities.
  • Must have a working knowledge of Al-Anon Traditions, especially Traditions 10, 11, and 12.

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  • Takes notes at all regular and special meetings of the Intergroup and Service Board and provides copies of the Minutes of those meetings to the appropriate parties. (Minutes from all meetings go the Service Board and Al-Anon Service Center; Minutes from all Intergroup meetings additionally go to the ISRs prior to the next meeting.)
  • Responsible for recording attendance at all meetings, ensuring that only a registered ISR (or designated alternate) cast votes at Intergroup meetings, helping the Chairperson establish a quorum, and recording all votes.
  • Records and files any additions or corrections to any Minutes and indicates which Minutes are approved.
  • Maintains personal copies of all Minutes recorded during her or his term and brings them to meetings for reference.

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  • Responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Al-Anon Family Groups of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc.
  • Reconciles the checking and savings account balances monthly to books or registers.
  • Designated signatory.
  • Responsible for reviewing the payment of obligations as they come due, including:
    • Office Rent
    • Telephone
    • Payroll (every two weeks)
    • Printing
    • Literature, etc.
    • Office Supplies
  • Reviews group donations on a regular basis and reviews the proper recording of all incoming cash and check by category: i.e. donations, literature, subscriptions, and other income.
  • Reviews and records all monthly expenditures.
  • Informs the Service Board promptly of unusual or suspicious expenditures or expenditures that exceed the Official By Laws limitations.
  • Verifies maintenance and accuracy of a payroll spreadsheet, prepares a quarterly payroll tax report, and must pay both Federal payroll taxes (monthly) and State payroll taxes (quarterly).
  • Prepares annual Withholding, Social Security, State, and W-2 Forms and must prepare all IRS forms at the end of the fiscal year (May 31st)- - Form #990, 990A, and others as required (physical inventory may be necessary).

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Volunteer Coordinator

  • Responsible for recruiting and scheduling Service Center volunteers.
  • Oversees development and execution of any additional Intergroup volunteer programs, such as the Al-Anon Hotline and the Service Center Beginner Meetings.
  • Arranges occasional get-togethers for all the volunteers to enjoy fellowship, review procedures, and share their experience, strength, and hope.

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Ways and Means Coordinator

  • Largely responsible for coordinating fundraising events to help support Intergroup activities and our AIS/LDC Al-Anon Service Center. (Current major events are the Recovery Dinner in autumn and the Snow Ball Event in winter.)

E-mail the Ways and Means Chairperson

Web Information Coordinator

  • Maintains a website for our information service.
  • Responsible for assembling, updating, and editing the Al-Anon Family Groups of SE Wisconsin website.
  • Collects information from designated e-mailbox continually to ensure that site information is most current.
  • Should have some knowledge of website construction.
  • Should use committee members to accomplish changes to website as decided with the Service Board and the ISRs.
  • Computer skills and internet access are necessary.

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